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Taylor Boys’ Produce, Inc. has been a distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables in Enoree, South Carolina since 1994. From the start, we have promoted food safety and have been dedicated to giving our customers the best service and quality available. In that effort and after a thorough evaluation of our distribution operation, we have determined that since we are not a processor and everything we sell is either in a raw form that should be washed before consumption or is already packaged for shipment when received, there are no true critical control points that would lead to hazardous contamination of products, and with good handling practices and standard operating procedures in place we feel we can eliminate any possibility of any contamination occurring at our facility and continue to supply our customers with the highest quality product available. Taylor Boys’ Produce, Inc. acknowledges the importance of recognizing the health, well-being, and safety of our valued customers. The primary purpose for establishing and implementing successful good handling practices and standard operating procedures is to provide the end user with the highest quality and the greatest degree of safety possible. It is our objective to be viewed as a company fully committed to the safety of our customers.
Yearly Audits and Food Safety Information
Yearly we ask third party auditors to evaluate our facility to ensure we are meeting all federal and industry standards. We strive to keep ourselves on the front line of safety standards. 
Our food safety team members are PCQI certified through FSCPA. 
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